Akira: Impressive (English)

It’s still August, and lying on the beach I thought of reblogging this one year old post on Akira…

akira-1988-katsuhiro-otomo-10Akira, the animated film written and directed by Katsuhiro Ôtomo which came out in 1988, is still impressive for its incredible strength and its amazing technical department. It doesn’t look 30 years old at all!

In Akira we see a post-World War III world in which the Japanese society is sick and corrupt and violence reigns supreme. We see high school students roaming around Tokyo with their motorbikes and engaging in gang wars. We see terrorists, unscrupulous soldiers, powerless politicians and scientists without any sense of ethics. The plot centerw on the friendship between Tetsuo and Kaneda, with the latter trying to save the former from the army that is using him as a laboratory guinea pig.

And to all this let’s add discourses on the nature of humanity, on its purpose in the world and its future, on the decadence of society… and without the…

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