Star Trek: Voyager – S02E06, Twisted


This second season began with ups and downs. More downs than ups, I must say, and Twisted is not a highlight for sure. It doesn’t help that half the episode takes place chez Sandrine, Tom Paris’s holographic program (and where, we now know, he would be drinking on Earth if he wasn’t aboard the USS Voyager – see Non Sequitur).

And maybe you won’t believe me, but this is also an episode of… Voyager enters into things! Only two episodes ago, Voyager entered the school of space tadpoles (Elogium), and after masterpieces such as Voyager enters the atmosphere for no reason (The 37’s) and Voyager seeks coffee in the nebula (The Cloud), here the ship enters another space anomaly (like in Parallax), even though the decision is made by Tuvok, not Janeway. After all, the Vulcan has worked for years with the captain and he knows that if she were on the bridge she would have done the exact same thing without thinking twice.

There’s one thing about this episode that I liked: the ending. After forty minutes of useless attempts to free the ship from the anomaly which is twisting Voyager as if it were made of clay… the crew gives up. Even B’Elanna Torres, after unsuccessfully trying to convince Chakotay to keep fighting, can only sit back and wait for the inevitable end. A Starfleet crew not fighting until the last second to save the day, who would have thought that? We’re used to last-second saves thanks to Data and LaForge’s brilliant insights on the Enterprise D, as well as Benjamin Sisko’s brilliant solutions on Deep Space Nine, but not this time. Our heroes surrender to the inevitable destiny.

Luckily, this space anomaly is yet another sentient being (but aren’t there non-sentient beings in the Delta quadrant?) and it doesn’t mean any harm. On the contrary, it leaves billions of bytes of data in the Voyager computer that I suppose will never be mentioned again for the rest of the series. Well, at least thanks to this episode I published an image of my two favorite characters, the Doctor and Kes, hugging each other! Ciao!

PS: The Delta Flyers podcast shout out: Robert Duncan McNeill and Garrett Wang rant for 41 minutes against this horrid episode. It’s heartening to know that I’m not the only one complaining about Parturition.

Episodio precedente: Non Sequitur

Episodio successivo: Parturition


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