Podcast Suggestion: Radio Morpork

I regularly listen to a few podcasts, and since it’s not easy to find interesting and well made ones, why not recommend some of those here on the blog? I started with You Must Remember This some time ago, then InvestiGates, and today’s post is dedicated to…

The podcast I would like to recommend today is really a niche one, but it’s so well done that even those who don’t know that niche might like it. The niche I’m talking about is the Discworld created by the English author Terry Pratchett who died prematurely in 2015 due to a rare form of Alzheimer’s.

And the podcast to which this post is dedicated is Radio Morpork, which is dedicated to the books of the Discworld saga. The main host is an Irish guy called Colm, who’s in all the episodes. He was initially accompanied by his friend Rose, soon replaced by Steve. And who are these people, you may be wondering? They have a PhD in literature / philology or something like that and they enjoyed analyzing every single book of the Discworld, a bit like I’m doing myself here on the blog.

Those of Radio Morpork started in 2017 and got to the last book in June 2021, 4 years to study slightly more than 40 books, kudos to them! Quite simply, therefore, you now have at your disposal one episode per book in strict chronological order.

Personally, I like to listen to the episodes dedicated the books for which I’ve already prepared a post to see if there’s any aspect that I’ve missed, or for the curiosity to know what these other Pratchett fans enjoyed.

The discussions between Colm and Steve range from the solidity of the plot to the themes addressed by books, without forgetting the development of the characters, the subtexts and the more or less obscure references to society, history, cinema… Since an average episode is one hour and a half long, there’s a lot of time to analyze many aspects of each book!

Also, it fascinates me how these Irish readers can appreciate the work of an Englishman like Pratchett whose books I always read in the original language, but which inevitably is not my mother tongue. Sometimes, on Radio Morpork I listen to discussions on topics that would never have occurred to me!

If you have read something about the Discworld, I invite you to listen to what Colm and his friends said about it on Radio Morpork, their reflections could surprise you and make you think about things that maybe you had seen in a different light, or you disregarded completely.

On the blog accompanying the podcast you’ll also find some lists that they had fun making, most of all the Discworld books’ ranking from the best to the worst, made with the awareness of the zero meaning of the thing and with the objective of having some fun and close in a consistent way each discussion. You can find all the relevant Radio Morpork links below, if you happen to listen to an episode please let me know what you think of it, ciao!

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