Star Trek: Voyager – S03E11, Q and the Grey


What to say about Q and the Grey apart from the fact that the title refers to the US Civil War poem entitled The Blue and The Grey? Unfortunately there’s little to praise here, which is very disappointing given that the previous appearance of Q (John DeLancie) in Star Trek: Voyager was the memorable Death Wish! That episode dealt with profound issues such as euthanasia and revolution, while in this case… everything seems to be a mere excuse to stage a battle between North and South.

What a shame, considering that the episode is the direct sequel to the Death Wish story! The events there led the Q Continuum to civil war with our beloved Q leading the rebel faction, which makes more sense than having him represent the established order against the Q who wanted to commit suicide. And a civil war in the Q Continuum means that supernovae explode like balloons at a middle school party in the actual Universe we know.

How to stop the ongoing disaster? The answer seems to be: the Continuum needs a new member (I don’t know why), and Q initially seems to want to have him/her with Janeway (I don’t know why). Well, at the end he procreates together with another The Next Generation alumni: Suzie Plakson. She immediately sounded familiar, as she played K’Ehleyr, the deceased mother of Worf’s adorable son, and also the Vulcan Selar assistant to Beverly Crusher who appeared in several episodes at the end of the series (including Tapestry, with John DeLancie).

Now that I think about it, the best thing about the whole episode is Plakson’s line telling B’Elanna that she always liked Klingon women. How could it be otherwise, given that she played one of the most unforgettable ones?

Well, DeLancie is also great, as usual… Q is a character who could have been as horrible as the Ferengi Great Nagus of Deep Space Nine (after all, Q basically comes from Trelane, the villain in the mediocre episode of The Original Series entitled The Squire of Gothos), but thanks to DeLancie’s consistently excellent performances and to the many well-written episodes he starred in, Q will forever remain among the most memorable characters in the entire Star Trek Universe! Ciao!

PS: The Delta Flyers podcast shout out: In Q and the Grey, Robert Duncan McNeill had the chance to work with guest star Harve Presnell whom he saw in the first Broadway show he ever saw. Then, then the two worked together again in… Dawson’s Creek!

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