Friday the 13th Part III: Movie Review

Friday the 13th Part III demonstrates, as if it were needed, how the ideas in this saga started running out very quickly. The first film rode the wave of success of Halloween (1978) and added some good special effects by Tom Savini. The second film was more or less a remake of the first, but with a different and already not very credible killer. And who made this third chapter, not knowing what to do… bet everything on the 3D trick.

Not the best of choices! After seeing the movie, which left me cold, the numerous and interesting special contents of the DVD in my possession only confirmed my gut feelings. In fact, this third chapter is remembered only because it introduced Jason’s hockey mask…

The 3D thing is downright annoying. There are countless scenes made just to exploit the 3D effect, it’s very noticeable and it’s extremely distracting! Prepare for a number of sticks and pointed weapons aimed at the camera, I bet all the viewers were scared to death by these frightening objects getting out of the screen, brrr… Even a yo-yo is used to emphasize that the only idea of ​​the film was the 3D gimmick!

And once again it’s the same old story, and it’s developed in the same way and it even has the same ending as usual. This saga is proving really poor. On the other hand, the director is the same Steve Miner of the second film, so it’s hardly surprising. The movie begins with a summary of the previous episode (just like the previous movie began), then there’s a group of kids on the Crystal Lake shores (just like in all the movies so far), an elderly man (David Wiley) warns them that they will die (just like… you got the point, right?), slowly all but one (Dana Kimmell) die, Jason (Richard Brooker) is around, end of the film.

Just like the first movie. Just like the second movie. But this time in 3D! And Jason wears a hockey mask! And in addition to the usual boys, there are also three random criminals who die and have some exotic names: Ali (Nick Savage), Fox (Gloria Charles) and Loco (Kevin O’Brien). As mentioned, there’s really nothing to write home about. By now I have embarked on this adventure and I will finish it, I have a nice box of DVDs to explore, but so far this saga seems to me pretty boring. Ciao!

PS: By the way, this movie should have been titled Saturday the 14th, because it takes place the day after Friday the 13th (Part 2)!

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