Star Trek: Voyager – S03E26, Scorpion Part 1


Here’s Scorpion Part 1. The most shocking sequence of the episode is undoubtedly hearing Leonardo Da Vinci (John Rhys-Davies) shouting “Che cazzo!” (What the fuck!). I mean, the most shocking sequence is the one in which two Borg Cubes destroyed in a second by an unknown force! Two Borg Cubes! A single Cube was capable of devastating almost all of Starfleet at Wolf 359!

Of course, after such a start here come FIFTEEN Borg Cubes that reach Voyager, and I mean FIFTEEN Cubes! And then find them severely damaged and adrift in space… this episode is a crescendo of emotions! Shall we talk about the pile of Borg corpses that seem to have come out of the mind of H.R. Giger?

Too bad for the CGI alien which I found quite ugly, I would’ve preferred it not to be revealed so soon (come to think of it, I would’ve preferred not to see it at all) and I’d rather have only witnessed the destructive effects, but the fact remains that in this episode almost everything is extremely strong. Kim eaten alive by an infection, the Borg wiped out as if they were small ants… The weak will perish, there’s a large-scale invasion from another dimension! And the pact with the Borg, which is the scorpion of Chakotay’s story (which I knew thanks to Drive by Nicholas Winding Refn)! Plus, the idyllic relationship between Chakotay and Janeway cracks, and the ending with Race 8472 destroying an entire planet with amazing bio-ships… and it’s about to disintegrate the Borg Cube with Janeway inside and with Voyager very close attached via tractor beam!

Wow! Who needs clever messages or deep themes when the action is so good? This is a breathtaking cliffhanger, much better than last season’s Basics! I can’t imagine how Star Trek fans felt in the months that separated them from the second part of Scorpion, but I’ve put the first DVD of the fourth season in the player less than eight seconds after the end of this splendid episode (the review will arrive soon on the blog!)! So entertaining! What will they come up with in the second part? Ciao!

PS: no, I have not forgotten that the third season was a bit of a fluctuation (wanting to be generous …), as has the whole series so far, but with this episode the writers have really surpassed themselves! This episode is certainly among the best of the season along with Flashback, Future’s End (both the first and second part), Fair Trade, Unity and Before and After.

PPS: The Delta Flyers podcast shout out: Garrett Wang pointed out that there’s a reference to the great writer Isaac Asimov in the list of captains who came into contact with the Borg and one of them is called… Amisov! In any case, he clearly stated that despite all the rumors about it, no one ever thought of kicking out the character of Harry Kim at the end of this season!

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