Star Trek: Voyager – S04E03, Day of Honor


Day Of Honor is obviously (as honor is mentioned) an episode about the only (half) Klingon of the USS Voyager crew: B’Elanna Torres. It’s a story of character growth, with a not-so-trivial secondary plot in which the few survivors of a population ravaged by the Borg, the Cataati, initially ask for help from Janeway and then, when she doesn’t deliver due to the lack of resources, come back in strength to demand more than a few rations and medicines. Here it’s interesting to see both how Janeway reacts positively to the first request, and how after having thought of fighting she finds a non-bloody solution and which is satisfactory for everyone (perhaps a bit too easily).

Meanwhile, the Captain continues to work for the integration of Seven of Nine. The ex-Borg is assigned at his express request to engineering. In a dialogue with B’Elanna, we discover that she’s practically the opposite of Kes, as she feels absolutely no remorse or feeling of pain for the poor massacred Cataati which have been assimilated by the Borg. Obviously, this opens up a very clear path for the development of the character, I’m sure we’ll see more of this in the episodes to come.

So, let’s talk about B’Elanna. After several episodes in which there was a growing friendship between her and Tom Paris (or something more, like in Blood Fever), here comes a love declaration, finally. Of course, Star Trek being Star Trek, it’s not exactly the most traditional declaration you may think of: B’Elanna says “I love you” to Tom thirty seconds before dying asphyxiated adrift in space. By the way, his reply is something like “You didn’t choose the best moment!

That is, for the umpteenth time, the writers prove that they are incapable of managing romantic relationships in the Star Trek universe. After the disastrous and almost non-existent story between Kes and Neelix, the one between B’Elanna and Tom is off to a bad start, despite the fact that the Before and After episode had already done a lot to help for it by showing a future with the two as a couple.

What else to say? The Borg-infested Voyager is gorgeous to look at, and gives writing material for the technobabble/adventure part of the show, and the Borg are mentioned often in the episode, although, given the gift by super-powered Kes (The Gift), theoretically the Federation ship is already out of their territory. Moreover, two more shuttles have exploded in the last two episodes, which brings the count of the lost shuttles to a number that is approaching ten since the beginning of the series, which begins to sound a bit ridiculous.

And finally it must be said that Star Trek: Voyager continues to be unable to shake off the impression of being a copy of The Next Generation, with the Klingon ritual that comes directly from the Worf episodes (with lots of pain sticks!). In short, a character with great potential like Kes has been eliminated, and a new one with a strong TNG heritage has been introduced (the Borg first arrived thanks to Q, see Q Who? at the end of Season 2). Let’s see if this fourth seasons brings about a real change of course! Ciao!

PS: The Delta Flyers podcast shout out: Robert Duncan McNeill revealed every detail of how the excellent scene of him with Roxann Dawson floating in space was created, with mostly practical special effects that still hold up today.

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Next episode: Nemesis


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