Predator: Movie Review

The filmography of director John McTiernan could be defined with the expression “few but good”. Not because he carefully chose his projects and made them with an obsessive attention to details like Stanley Kubrick did. But simply because as long as he worked, he worked well. Then they put him in jail and he stayed there … More Predator: Movie Review

Star Trek: TOS – S01E19, Tomorrow Is Yesterday

I know, I’m repeating myself (see the review of Balance of terror), but I must reinforce the concept here: the first season of the original series of Star Trek series is so full of ideas! Virtually every episode explores a new theme, opens a new avenue for new adventures… and with this episode, number nineteen, here … More Star Trek: TOS – S01E19, Tomorrow Is Yesterday

Star Trek: TOS – S01E19, Domani è ieri

Lo so, l’ho già scritto nella recensione de La navicella invisibile, ma non posso che ripetermi: questa prima stagione della serie classica di Star Trek è una miniera di idee! Praticamente ogni episodio esplora un nuovo tema, offre un nuovo spunto narrativo… e in questo episodio numero diciannove ecco il viaggio nel tempo! Come moltissime … More Star Trek: TOS – S01E19, Domani è ieri