Manhattan: Movie Review

Manhattan (1979) is Woody Allen’s ninth directorial effort, his first shot in black and white. It’s a romantic comedy that follows all the rules of the genre, including the finale with the male protagonist running towards the female protagonist to declare his eternal love. Yet, it’s also an amazing movie and we could talk about … More Manhattan: Movie Review

College: Movie Review

College is a 1927 film starring Buster Keaton directed officially by James Horne (but in fact by Buster Keaton himself). It’s one of the films of the artist’s early golden period, when he had complete artistic freedom working for United Artists (which he did until 1929). The plot is as follows. Roland (Buster Keaton) is … More College: Movie Review

Rashomon: Movie Review

Rashomon is a film directed by Akira Kurosawa which was released in 1950 and was awarded in a multitude of western film festivals, so much so that the film is considered to have single-handedly projected Japanese cinema on the international market. Rashomon is epic to say the least and it’s very modern. It had, and … More Rashomon: Movie Review

Dead Man: Movie Review

Fifteen years after his first film, Permanent Vacation, in 1995 Jarmusch wrote and shot his first western (and sixth film in total) at the height of his artistic maturity. He was an excellent screenwriter, with a very recognizable directorial style, and he was (deservedly) lucky to be able to work with incredible actors thanks to his career … More Dead Man: Movie Review

Casablanca: Movie Review

Let me be frank: I love Casablanca, the film directed by Michael Curtiz and released in 1942 starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Paul Henreid. I’ve seen it multiple times, and each time the ending makes me cry and I find all its plot twists still exciting. Everything is amazing: its fervent anti-Nazism, the perfectly constructed … More Casablanca: Movie Review

Cold War: Movie Review

Cold war (Zimna wojna is the original title) is a 2018 Polish film whose director and screenwriter is Paweł Pawlikowski, who claims to have been inspired by the story of his parents (I hope only remotely). The protagonists are Joanna Kulig playing the femme fatale Zula and Tomasz Kot playing the musician Wiktor Warski. This movie has … More Cold War: Movie Review