Tarantino: A retrospective (book review)

Tom Shone is a film critic who, after publishing two retrospectives on Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen respectively, has written a third one about the great Quentin Tarantino (released in the United States in late 2017). The book is a beautiful object of more than 250 pages of giant format of fine quality and it … More Tarantino: A retrospective (book review)


Tarantino: A retrospective (recensione del libro)

Tom Shone è un critico cinematografico che, dopo aver pubblicato due retrospettive rispettivamente su Martin Scorsese e Woody Allen, ne ha scritta una terza sul grande Quentin Tarantino (uscita negli  Stati Uniti a fine 2017 e in Spagna nel 2018 per la Blume – una rapida ricerca su Google mi suggerisce che in Italia non ve ne sia … More Tarantino: A retrospective (recensione del libro)

Bad Times at El Royale: recensione del film

Bad Times at El Royale (7 sconosciuti a El Royale, in Italia) è The Hateful Eight fatto meglio. Ecco, l’ho detto: è meglio di Tarantino. Che film incredibile!!! Potrei chiudere qui questa recensione dell’ultimo film di Drew Goddard (lo stesso di The Cabin in the Woods, 2012) con Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo, Dakota Johnson e Jon … More Bad Times at El Royale: recensione del film

The Fog: Movie Review

The Fog is the third movie directed by John Carpenter and was released two years after his greatest success: Halloween (1978). Although it pertains to the same genre of the latter (horror / thriller), the American director couldn’t have made a more different film. In other words: any other young director would have limited himself to … More The Fog: Movie Review

Ladybird: Movie Review

Everyone is talking about Ladybird, which already won a number of awards and may even get some Oscars. Is it any good? Yes, it is really good, and certainly worth watching! It’s yet another great directorial debut made with love and passion, in this case by Greta Gerwig (she’s an experienced actress, but it’s her first … More Ladybird: Movie Review