Podcast Suggestion: You Must Remember This

Premise: In 1931, exactly ninety years ago, two films were released and made history: Dracula by Tod Browning and Frankenstein by James Whale. The two monsters of the movies were interpreted by Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, respectively. The first was Hungarian, the second was British, and their stories are inevitably intertwined. Today’s post is … More Podcast Suggestion: You Must Remember This

Vi consiglio un podcast: You Must Remember This

La prendo larga. Nel 1931, esattamente novanta anni fa, uscirono due film entrati subito nella storia del cinema: Dracula di Tod Browning e Frankenstein di James Whale. Ad interpretare i relativi mostri ecco due (scusate il pun) mostri sacri del cinema horror, Bela Lugosi e Boris Karloff. Ungherese il primo, inglese il secondo, le loro … More Vi consiglio un podcast: You Must Remember This

Casablanca: Movie Review

Let me be frank: I love Casablanca, the film directed by Michael Curtiz and released in 1942 starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Paul Henreid. I’ve seen it multiple times, and each time the ending makes me cry and I find all its plot twists still exciting. Everything is amazing: its fervent anti-Nazism, the perfectly constructed … More Casablanca: Movie Review