Young Sherlock Holmes / Pyramid Of Fear: Movie Review

Finally, here I am writing about Young Sherlock Holmes (it’s also known with the alternative title Pyramid of Fear), the 1985 film written by Chris Columbus and directed by Barry Levinson. Why finally? Because this is undoubtedly one of the movies I love the most, and not only because the protagonist is a young version … More Young Sherlock Holmes / Pyramid Of Fear: Movie Review

Dumbo: Movie Review

Up to now I haven’t been interested at all in all these live action remakes of the Disney classics and I doubt that I will become interested anytime soon. But I went to see Dumbo for the respect I bear to the name of Tim Burton, director who I undoubtedly consider among my favorites. In … More Dumbo: Movie Review

The Clone Wars

Non so da dove iniziare. Allora… vediamo di dare una forma alle cose che ho in testa… Quando è uscito il bluray di The Last Jedi è iniziato per me il mese Star Wars, cioè un periodo in cui mi riguardo tutti film, cosa che di solito faccio ogni anno sotto Natale perché Star Wars … More The Clone Wars