Mystery Train: Movie Review

It cannot be said that with his fourth film, Mystery Train (1989), Jim Jarmusch strayed too far from his style. Perhaps, since his previous film was the brilliant comedy Down By Law (1986), it would’ve been fair to expect something more than what appears to be a simple evolution of the director’s first two works, Permanent … More Mystery Train: Movie Review


Predator: Movie Review

The filmography of director John McTiernan could be defined with the expression “few but good”. Not because he carefully chose his projects and made them with an obsessive attention to details like Stanley Kubrick did. But simply because as long as he worked, he worked well. Then they put him in jail and he stayed there … More Predator: Movie Review

Young Sherlock Holmes / Pyramid Of Fear: Movie Review

Finally, here I am writing about Young Sherlock Holmes (it’s also known with the alternative title Pyramid of Fear), the 1985 film written by Chris Columbus and directed by Barry Levinson. Why finally? Because this is undoubtedly one of the movies I love the most, and not only because the protagonist is a young version … More Young Sherlock Holmes / Pyramid Of Fear: Movie Review