Permanent Vacation: Movie Review

Permanent Vacation (1980) is to the filmography of Jim Jarmusch what Dark Star (1974) is to that of John Carpenter: it’s the director’s final film school project. Ok, I admit it, I’m always mentioning John Carpenter! Then let me compare Permanent Vacation to Eraserhead (1977) by David Lynch and to Following (1998) by Christopher Nolan. In other … More Permanent Vacation: Movie Review


Permanent Vacation: recensione del film

Permanent Vacation (1980) sta alla filmografia di Jim Jarmusch come Dark Star (1974) sta a quella di John Carpenter, essendo anch’esso il risultato dell’ultimo anno di scuola di cinema del regista. Come dite? Parlo sempre di John Carpenter? È vero, è vero, lo ammetto. Allora possiamo dire che Permanent Vacation è alla stregua di Eraserhead … More Permanent Vacation: recensione del film

The Silence of the Lambs: recensione del film

Il silenzio degli innocenti (The Silence of the Lambs il titolo originale) uscì nel 1991 per la regia di Jonathan Demme e con Jodie Foster e Anthony Hopkins come protagonisti. Questo è un altro grande classico degli anni Novanta (come l’appena recensito Braveheart, 1995): tutti l’hanno visto, il personaggio di Hannibal Lecter interpretato da Hopkins … More The Silence of the Lambs: recensione del film

Dunkirk: Movie Review

Dunkirk came out in 2017 is Christopher Nolan’s last movie. It is difficult to write about Nolan, who has now become an untouchable maestro with lots of fans ready to defend every work he has done, even the least worthy. Many of the film channels that I follow on Youtube, for example, even praise Nolan’s worst … More Dunkirk: Movie Review

Duel: Movie Review

Why is Spielberg unanimously considered one of the best living directors? One of the reasons lies in his debut film, Duel, 1971. Despite its incredibly high quality, it was a TV movie, even though Spielberg added 15 minutes worth of shots to get to 90 minutes and make it a theatrical release after the good reception it got. … More Duel: Movie Review