The Goonies: Movie Review

The goonies (goonies having the double meaning of losers and also inhabitants of the Goon docks of the city of Astoria, Oregon) is a real cult movie. Don’t believe me? Just go to the part of Twitter talking about cinema and you’ll find a lot of love for this 1985 movie directed by Richard Donner! … More The Goonies: Movie Review


Peter’s Friends: Movie Review

Peter’s friends is a 1992 movie directed by Kenneth Branagh and with an incredible cast of English actors. It’s a coral movie about friendship, similar to Beautiful girls (1996) by Ted Demme and Singles (1992) by Cameron Crowe. Would I recommend watching it? Certainly! Now let me explain why. The plot of Peter’s friends is the following: Stephen Fry, a rebellious descendant of a noble English family, at the … More Peter’s Friends: Movie Review