Mandy: Movie Review

Mandy is a 2018 film by Panos Cosmatos (he has cinema in his DNA: his father George P. Cosmatos directed, among other things, The Cassandra Crossing in 1976 and Tombstone in 1993) starring Nicolas Cage and Andrea Riseborough. I wanted to see this movie since I went to the Sitges Festival two years ago (to … More Mandy: Movie Review

Terminator 2: Judgment Day: recensione del film

Dopo aver scritto di The Terminator, grandioso film di James Cameron uscito nel 1984, come non scrivere del suo seguito Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Terminator 2: Il giorno del giudizio) uscito nelle sale ben sette anni più tardi e diretto dallo stesso regista? Anche qui parliamo di un film eccezionale, ma d’altronde non c’è da sorprendersi … More Terminator 2: Judgment Day: recensione del film

Climax: Movie Review

One thing for sure: Climax, the 2018 film directed by Gaspar Noé, won’t leave you unimpressed. I came out of the cinema stunned, and I think that watching this movie was the closest thing to a (bad) LSD trip I’ve ever had in my life. Assuming that this was the intent of the director, I … More Climax: Movie Review