Star Trek: TOS – S01E14, Balance Of Terror

It’s exciting to watch Star Trek: The Original Series because at every episode there’s a new idea popping up that I’ve seen developed in later series like The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. And in this fourteenth episode nothing less than the Romulans are introduced! In Balance of Terror, the USS Enterprise goes to … More Star Trek: TOS – S01E14, Balance Of Terror


Dumbo: Movie Review

Up to now I haven’t been interested at all in all these live action remakes of the Disney classics and I doubt that I will become interested anytime soon. But I went to see Dumbo for the respect I bear to the name of Tim Burton, director who I undoubtedly consider among my favorites. In … More Dumbo: Movie Review

Star Trek: TOS – S01E13, The Conscience Of The King

And here we are with the first reference to Shakespeare within Star Trek, which is so important in basically all the incarnations of the brand. For example, think about that masterpiece of Star Trek VI: The undiscovered country and about the various occasions in The next generation in which we say Shakespearean interpretations by Data, … More Star Trek: TOS – S01E13, The Conscience Of The King

Us: Movie Review

I loved Get out (2017) and I went to the cinema to see Us with very high expectations. It turned out to be a mistake. It’s not that it’s a bad movie, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not even particularly good as it’s a bit confusing and derivative. What a shame! … More Us: Movie Review

The Mule: Movie Review

The Mule is the latest cinematographic effort of Clint Eastwood, who’s now almost 90 years old. Not only has it produced and directed the movie, but he’s also its protagonist. Clint (almost) always deserves respect, so I went to the cinema with the best intentions, even though I had read some not-so-enthusiastic reviews. And what about … More The Mule: Movie Review

Star Trek: TOS – S01E10, The Corbomite Maneuver

This tenth episode, even though it was actually the third to be produced, goes at full speed into pure Star Trek territory. The corbomite maneuver is almost didactic in showing everything that defines the main idea of ​​Gene Roddenberry. Humanity has reached a point in which the only important thing is knowledge deriving from exploration. There’s … More Star Trek: TOS – S01E10, The Corbomite Maneuver