VengonoFuoriDalleFottutePareti nel 2021

Tutti gli anni mi piace commentare lo stato del blog usando un po’ di numeri. L’ho fatto nel 2019, l’ho fatto nel 2020, e puntuale come un orologio eccomi qui a farlo pure ora! Nel 2021 le visite su vengonofuoridallefottutepareti sono aumentate rispetto all’anno precedente del 46%, passando da 44732 a 65246, con quasi 37mila … More VengonoFuoriDalleFottutePareti nel 2021


Avatar: Movie Review

More than ten years ago, in 2009, Avatar, directed by James Cameron, was released. You may have heard of it, since, as James Cameron knows what he does and with Avatar he broke the box office record at that time that belonged, surprise surprise, to James Cameron himself. On the other hand, South Park tought … More Avatar: Movie Review

[Rec]: Movie Review

I finally saw what’s almost unanimously considered an excellent Spanish horror movie: [Rec], the 2007 film directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza (I recently saw Verónica directed by the latter and I must admit that it didn’t impress me) with Manuela Velasco. Long story short, I liked [Rec]! Here’s my two cents on it. … More [Rec]: Movie Review