Star Trek: TOS – S02E01, Amok Time

Let’s start with the second season! After a splendid first season full of fantastic stories, with this first episode written by Theodore Sturgeon (also author of an episode of the first season, Shore Leave), it’s like Gene Roddenberry declared to have no intention of decelerating. Star Trek was to continue to offer first-rate science fiction without trying to … More Star Trek: TOS – S02E01, Amok Time

Star Trek: Voyager – S03E08-E09, Futuro anteriore

Futuro anteriore (Future’s End il titolo originale, ovvero La fine del futuro) è un divertente doppio episodio di Star Trek: Voyager in cui gli sceneggiatori (Brannon Braga e Joe Menosky) hanno deciso di spingere sull’acceleratore del divertimento e dell’azione mettendo da parte concetti profondi e messaggi positivi. Funziona come episodio (doppio)? Direi di sì, io … More Star Trek: Voyager – S03E08-E09, Futuro anteriore

Duel: Movie Review

Why is Spielberg unanimously considered one of the best living directors? One of the reasons lies in his debut film, Duel, 1971. Despite its incredibly high quality, it was a TV movie, even though Spielberg added 15 minutes worth of shots to get to 90 minutes and make it a theatrical release after the good reception it got. … More Duel: Movie Review