Tootsie: Movie Review

For a long time I’ve avoided watching movies starring Dustin Hoffman because I didn’t like the voice of his Italian dubbing actor. When some years ago I started watching all movies in their original language, I was finally able to appreciate the talent of the great Dustin Hoffman. Tootsie, the 1982 film directed by Sidney … More Tootsie: Movie Review

Hook: Movie Review

I know, I know. Being this a Steven Spielberg project, I shouldn’t write anything about Hook, his 1991 film starring Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman. For sure there are multiple hidden meanings that I didn’t understand and various intelligent metacinematographic ideas that I missed. But since I recently rewatched it and it didn’t particularly impress … More Hook: Movie Review

Papillon (1973)

Ovvero l’instancabile sete di libertà dell’uomo. In una pellicola che ormai conta 45 primavere di Franklin J. Schaffner (Il Pianeta delle Scimmie, Patton), sceneggiata da Dalton Trumbo (Vacanze Romane, Spartacus) e Lorenzo Semple Jr. (I tre giorni del Condor, Batman – la serie tv degli anni ’60), è questo tema il vero protagonista. E per me … More Papillon (1973)

Cop Car: Movie Review

Here’s another debut (like, for example, the recently reviewed Duel, 1971, and Ladybird, 2017)! It’s true that Jon Watts already worked as a director before this Cop car (2015), but this is his first feature film. And as for many other things in this World (such as, for instance, Tremors, 1990), we must thank Kevin Bacon for the existence … More Cop Car: Movie Review