Broken Flowers: Movie Review

Broken Flowers is a 2005 film written and directed by Jim Jarmusch. I’ve already written a lot about his work which is so significant for American independent cinema (I reviewed all his films prior to this, and also The Dead Don’t Die, 2019), so it should be clear that I very much appreciate him as … More Broken Flowers: Movie Review


Star Trek: TOS – S01E04, The Naked Time

And here we are with the fourth episode of TOS, and what an episode! We find both interesting narrative expedients and a lot of absurd things that nowadays are (unfortunately) material for ridiculous memes… In The Baked Time, the USS Enterprise arrives, surprise surprise, at an uninhabited planet which is also at the point of collapse … More Star Trek: TOS – S01E04, The Naked Time

Widows: Movie Review

Widows is the latest film directed by Steve McQueen, the same director of Hunger (2008), Shame (2011), and 12 years a slave (2013). I went to the cinema with great expectations, also because of the cast which includes, among others, Cynthia Erivo (immensely good in Bad times at El Royale), Michelle Rodriguez, Colin Farrell, Daniel … More Widows: Movie Review