Darkman: recensione del film

Verso la fine degli anni Ottanta, Sam Raimi tentò di portare sul grande schermo un supereroe tra Batman e The Shadow. Non ci riuscì (nel 1989 Tim Burton fece il suo Batman, e The Shadow rimane uno dei pochi fumetti da cui non sono stati tratti film) e quindi scrisse di suo pugno una storia … More Darkman: recensione del film


Lucky: Movie Review

Lucky (2017) is the last movie made by the legendary Harry Dean Stanton, who was Brett in Alien (1978) and is credited as an actor in about 200 movies and TV series (he died in September 2017, two weeks before the release of the movie). This guy here: Lucky is also the directorial debut of John Carroll Lynch, who’s normally in front … More Lucky: Movie Review

Ladybird: Movie Review

Everyone is talking about Ladybird, which already won a number of awards and may even get some Oscars. Is it any good? Yes, it is really good, and certainly worth watching! It’s yet another great directorial debut made with love and passion, in this case by Greta Gerwig (she’s an experienced actress, but it’s her first … More Ladybird: Movie Review