Witches Abroad: Book Review

“Progress just means bad things happen faster.” In Witches Abroad, the usual Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax must solve another problem, this time away from their beloved Lancre like in Wyrd Sisters. In fact, they have to go as far as the exotic Genua (a kind of New Orleans with a little more Disney magic). … More Witches Abroad: Book Review


Witches Abroad: recensione del libro

“Progress just means bad things happen faster.” (Progresso significa che le cose vanno male più in fretta) In Witches Abroad (Streghe all’estero) le solite Nanny Ogg e Granny Weatherwax devono risolvere un altro problema non da poco, stavolta lontano dal loro amato Lancre come in Wyrd Sisters. Infatti, devono arrivare fino all’esotica Genua (una specie … More Witches Abroad: recensione del libro