Roman Holiday: Movie Review

Roman holidays came out in 1953, it was directed by William Wyler, it starred Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, and the screenplay was written by Dalton Trumbo. Let me say it straight away: this film came out 65 years ago and it seems that it only came out yesterday. The dialogues are brilliant, there is … More Roman Holiday: Movie Review


Roman Holiday: recensione del film

Vacanze romane: 1953, regia di William Wyler, con Gregory Peck e Audrey Hepburn, sceneggiatura di Dalton Trumbo. Diciamolo subito: questo film è uscito 65 anni fa e fa impressione per la freschezza che ancora oggi trasmette. I dialoghi sono brillanti, c’è molta comicitá “fisica” (in inglese, slapstick comedy), la storia è accattivante, Roma è fotografata … More Roman Holiday: recensione del film

Spartacus: Movie Review

So I’ve re-watched Spartacus, the 1960 movie directed (mostly) by Stanley Kubrick with an exceptional cast: Kirk Douglas, Peter Ustinov, Charles Laughton, Laurence Olivier, Tony Curtis and Jean Simmons. The movie can be considered as the passion project of Kirk Douglas (who’s still alive, he’s 102 years old!), who produced the movie and starred in it simply because … More Spartacus: Movie Review