Dead Man: Movie Review

Fifteen years after his first film, Permanent Vacation, in 1995 Jarmusch wrote and shot his first western (and sixth film in total) at the height of his artistic maturity. He was an excellent screenwriter, with a very recognizable directorial style, and he was (deservedly) lucky to be able to work with incredible actors thanks to his career … More Dead Man: Movie Review

Permanent Vacation: recensione del film

Permanent Vacation (1980) sta alla filmografia di Jim Jarmusch come Dark Star (1974) sta a quella di John Carpenter, essendo anch’esso il risultato dell’ultimo anno di scuola di cinema del regista. Come dite? Parlo sempre di John Carpenter? È vero, è vero, lo ammetto. Allora possiamo dire che Permanent Vacation è alla stregua di Eraserhead … More Permanent Vacation: recensione del film

The Lives Of Others: Movie Review

Das leben der anderen (The Lives of Others, 2006) is the first movie directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. What a debut! The film takes place in East Germany (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, DDR) in 1984, its protagonist is captain of the Staatssicherheitsdienst (more commonly known as Stasi), the secret police of that time, and it’s incredibly … More The Lives Of Others: Movie Review

It Follows: Movie Review

It Follows is a horror movie directed by David Robert Mitchell that came out in 2014. I saw it yesterday and I loved it! I found it much better than the much more popular It: Chapter One (2017) by Muschietti, in which the characterization was well made, but the scary/horror part was seriously underwhelming. In It Follows, not only the characters are all well-written and … More It Follows: Movie Review