No Country For Old Men: Movie Review

I remember the first time I saw No Country for Old Men: on DVD with some friends, eight or nine years ago. I remember that I liked it, but nothing more. I just saw the movie again and I do not understand why it had not impressed me so much the first time… it’s a … More No Country For Old Men: Movie Review


Dunkirk: Movie Review

Dunkirk came out in 2017 is Christopher Nolan’s last movie. It is difficult to write about Nolan, who has now become an untouchable maestro with lots of fans ready to defend every work he has done, even the least worthy. Many of the film channels that I follow on Youtube, for example, even praise Nolan’s worst … More Dunkirk: Movie Review

Suicide Squad

Ecco che la DC torna alla carica con un nuovo tassello del suo DC Cinematic Universe che vorrebbe ricalcare il successo e la lungimiranza della Marvel ma che fino ad ora ha dimostrato di essere frettoloso e sconnesso. E tutti arrivati a questo punto ci saremmo aspettati una cagatona invereconda, perché parliamoci chiaro: dopo Batman … More Suicide Squad