Collateral: Movie Review

I finally managed to watch Collateral, Michael Mann’s 2004 film (here’s why it took me a while)! Michael Mann knows how to shoot action movies and he’s also one of the few experienced directors who really embraced the digital technology. In fact, Collateral is his first attempt to give life to a new style instead … More Collateral: Movie Review


Thor: Ragnarok

Dopo lo splendido esperimento shakespeariano del primo Thor (2011) diretto da uno dei registi che meglio riesce a catturare in schermo lo spirito del poeta drammaturgo inglese, Kenneth Branagh (Henry V – 1989, Much Ado About Nothing – 1993, Hamlet – 1996, Love’s Labour’s Lost – 2000, ma anche Peter’s friends – 1992), e dopo il fallimento (a mio … More Thor: Ragnarok