Mutiny: Movie Review

A young American captain, hero of the War of Independence. Another captain in love with a young beautiful woman and forced to put pride aside and act as the first officer. A greedy and manipulative femme fatale. A secret mission, ten million dollars in solid gold and a crew loyal to the first officer. Many small … More Mutiny: Movie Review

The Mule: Movie Review

The Mule is the latest cinematographic effort of Clint Eastwood, who’s now almost 90 years old. Not only has it produced and directed the movie, but he’s also its protagonist. Clint (almost) always deserves respect, so I went to the cinema with the best intentions, even though I had read some not-so-enthusiastic reviews. And what about … More The Mule: Movie Review

The Silence of the Lambs: recensione del film

Il silenzio degli innocenti (The Silence of the Lambs il titolo originale) uscì nel 1991 per la regia di Jonathan Demme e con Jodie Foster e Anthony Hopkins come protagonisti. Questo è un altro grande classico degli anni Novanta (come l’appena recensito Braveheart, 1995): tutti l’hanno visto, il personaggio di Hannibal Lecter interpretato da Hopkins … More The Silence of the Lambs: recensione del film