Ae Fond Kiss…: Movie Review

Ae Fond Kiss… is a 2004 film by Ken Loach, a director who shouldn’t need any introduction since he’s one of the greatest names of contemporary independent and social cinema. In the early years of this century, Loach made at least two films focusing on immigration: It’s a Free World… in 2007 and Ae Fond … More Ae Fond Kiss…: Movie Review


Hook: Movie Review

I know, I know. Being this a Steven Spielberg project, I shouldn’t write anything about Hook, his 1991 film starring Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman. For sure there are multiple hidden meanings that I didn’t understand and various intelligent metacinematographic ideas that I missed. But since I recently rewatched it and it didn’t particularly impress … More Hook: Movie Review

Krull: Movie Review

I recognized the touch of James Horner from the beginning of the opening title sequence. I love his soundtracks and this is certainly a big plus for Krull! Actually, when I finished watching the movie I was thinking that music is probably the best thing about it: it’s really epic, although perhaps a little too … More Krull: Movie Review