Star Trek: TOS – S02E14, Wolf in the Fold

And here’s a bit of good old (so to speak) sexism! The writer of Wolf in the Fold, Robert Bloch (who also wrote the novel on which Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, 1960, is based) doesn’t shine here… The episode starts with Kirk bringing Scott to the planet Argelius II to make him recover from a trauma. … More Star Trek: TOS – S02E14, Wolf in the Fold


’71: Movie Review

’71 is a raw and dark thriller that opens a window on 1971 Belfast, a real war zone at that time. Jack O’Connell is the protagonist of ’71, the first film by the French director Yann Demange (although it’s an English production), and it’s yet another great cinematic debut (as for example this one and this one, … More ’71: Movie Review

Monster: Movie Review

Monster is a 2003 movie written and directed by Patty Jenkins, now very famous for being the director of Wonder Woman (2017). Monster is his first feature film and stars an unrecognizable Charlize Theron with about fifteen kilos more than usual, shaved eyebrows, and a series of large, crooked, and yellow teeth. What is Monster … More Monster: Movie Review