Child’s Play: Movie Review

Child’s Play, the original 1988 movie, is an honest horror film with a very tense first part and a second part which, although worse than the first, is still fun and, at times, frightening if you invest a little in its history and its vodoo mythology. In other words, the film didn’t need yet another … More Child’s Play: Movie Review


John Carpenter’s Halloween: recensione del film

Ho riguardato per la duecentocinquantesima volta Halloween (per il mercato italiano: Halloween – La notte delle streghe), il film diretto da John Carpenter uscito nel 1978 con Jamie Lee Curtis (19enne!!!) come protagonista. Questo già dovrebbe farvi capire la mia opinione sul film: un capolavoro inarrivabile da vedere e rivedere ad ogni occasione. E fin qui … More John Carpenter’s Halloween: recensione del film

The Fog: Movie Review

The Fog is the third movie directed by John Carpenter and was released two years after his greatest success: Halloween (1978). Although it pertains to the same genre of the latter (horror / thriller), the American director couldn’t have made a more different film. In other words: any other young director would have limited himself to … More The Fog: Movie Review