Doomsday: Movie Review

Doomsday is a film directed by Neil Marshall, who, as far as I’m concerned, hasn’t made a single bad movie in his whole career so far (but I haven’t seen his 2019 Hellboy which apparently isn’t very good). This is his third film and it came out in 2008, six years after Dog Soldiers and … More Doomsday: Movie Review


[Rec]: Movie Review

I finally saw what’s almost unanimously considered an excellent Spanish horror movie: [Rec], the 2007 film directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza (I recently saw Verónica directed by the latter and I must admit that it didn’t impress me) with Manuela Velasco. Long story short, I liked [Rec]! Here’s my two cents on it. … More [Rec]: Movie Review

REC: reseña de la peli

Finalmente he visto una peli que casi todo el mundo considera una excelente peli del terror española: REC, peli del 2007 dirigida por Jaume Balagueró y Paco Plaza. ¡Y me ha gustado! Os explicaré porque. Esta peli pertenece a dos géneros cinematográficos. Siendo una peli con infectados (no zombis: los infectados corren, los zombis no) … More REC: reseña de la peli