The Favourite: Movie Review

Everyone is talking about it and at the end I also went to see The Favourite, currently nominated for 10 Oscars. Made with a relatively modest budget ($15 million), its director is the good Yorgos Lanthimos (among other things, he directed The Lobster in 2015) and it stars three exceptional actresses: Rachel Weisz (recently seen … More The Favourite: Movie Review

The Constant Gardener: Movie Review

The Constant Gardener is a 2005 movie directed by Fernando Meirelles, inspired by a novel written by John le Carré. The two main protagonists are Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz and the cast also includes actors such as Donald Sumpter and Pete Postlethwaite! That is, it’s not a movie that may easily go unnoticed. Moreover, the themes it touches are … More The Constant Gardener: Movie Review

The Lobster

Pensavate che scrivessi una pappardella sugli Oscar, eh? E invece no. Era tanto che non scrivevo qualcosa. L’idea del blog è proprio quella: scrivo quando cazzo mi pare se ho da dire qualcosa o se voglio divertirmi e provare a divertire! In realtà avrei voluto scrivere qualcosa anche nei giorni addietro però per questo periodo ho … More The Lobster