Dumbo: Movie Review

Up to now I haven’t been interested at all in all these live action remakes of the Disney classics and I doubt that I will become interested anytime soon. But I went to see Dumbo for the respect I bear to the name of Tim Burton, director who I undoubtedly consider among my favorites. In … More Dumbo: Movie Review

The man who knew too much: recensione del film

Chiariamoci subito: qui si parla del film del 1956, non di quello del 1934. Il regista non cambia, ma il primo film fu definito dallo stesso regista il lavoro di un dilettante di talento, e il secondo invece quello di un professionista. Questo remake omonimo di The man who knew too much (L’uomo che sapeva troppo in italiano) … More The man who knew too much: recensione del film

Us: Movie Review

I loved Get out (2017) and I went to the cinema to see Us with very high expectations. It turned out to be a mistake. It’s not that it’s a bad movie, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not even particularly good as it’s a bit confusing and derivative. What a shame! … More Us: Movie Review