Jumanji: recensione del film

Jumanji è un film del 1995 diretto da Joe Johnston con Robin Williams e i giovanissimi Kirsten Dunst (attrice sin da piccola, fece pure un episodio di Star Trek: The Next Generation) e Bradley Pierce. È una commedia per famiglie con ragazzini protagonisti, un sottogenere che ha creato film che sono entrati nel DNA della … More Jumanji: recensione del film


Hook: Movie Review

I know, I know. Being this a Steven Spielberg project, I shouldn’t write anything about Hook, his 1991 film starring Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman. For sure there are multiple hidden meanings that I didn’t understand and various intelligent metacinematographic ideas that I missed. But since I recently rewatched it and it didn’t particularly impress … More Hook: Movie Review

The Fisher King: Movie Review

Yesterday I re-watched The fisher king, the 1991 movie of the absolutely brilliant Terry Gilliam. The fisher king lies in the middle of his golden age that starts with Brazil (1985) and ends with Fear and loathing in Las Vegas (1998), together with The adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988) and Twelve monkeys (1995). Five movies, five masterpieces. That’s almost unique in the history of cinema! But … More The Fisher King: Movie Review