Star Trek: TOS – S01E24, This Side Of Paradise

In This side of Paradise, the USS Enterprise heads to a rural colony on a planet that has recently been subjected to radiations which are lethal to humans called Berthold rays. No one responds to the communication attempts, so Kirk is convinced that he can’t find survivors. Surprisingly, once on the surface, all the 150 colonists … More Star Trek: TOS – S01E24, This Side Of Paradise

The Lives Of Others: Movie Review

Das leben der anderen (The Lives of Others, 2006) is the first movie directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. What a debut! The film takes place in East Germany (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, DDR) in 1984, its protagonist is captain of the Staatssicherheitsdienst (more commonly known as Stasi), the secret police of that time, and it’s incredibly … More The Lives Of Others: Movie Review

The Mule: Movie Review

The Mule is the latest cinematographic effort of Clint Eastwood, who’s now almost 90 years old. Not only has it produced and directed the movie, but he’s also its protagonist. Clint (almost) always deserves respect, so I went to the cinema with the best intentions, even though I had read some not-so-enthusiastic reviews. And what about … More The Mule: Movie Review