Mad Max 2: recensione del film

03 gennaio 2022, Mel Gibson compie 66 anni. Ed ecco che vengonofuoridallefottutepareti lo festeggia con un’umile recensione di uno dei film più famosi con lui come protagonista. Mad Max 2 (The Road Warrior per gli Stati Uniti e in Italia conosciuto come Interceptor – Il guerriero della strada, o Mad Max 2 – Il guerriero della strada) arrivò due anni dopo il primo film del 1979 … More Mad Max 2: recensione del film

Avatar: Movie Review

More than ten years ago, in 2009, Avatar, directed by James Cameron, was released. You may have heard of it, since, as James Cameron knows what he does and with Avatar he broke the box office record at that time that belonged, surprise surprise, to James Cameron himself. On the other hand, South Park tought … More Avatar: Movie Review

Cop Car: Movie Review

Here’s another debut (like, for example, the recently reviewed Duel, 1971, and Ladybird, 2017)! It’s true that Jon Watts already worked as a director before this Cop car (2015), but this is his first feature film. And as for many other things in this World (such as, for instance, Tremors, 1990), we must thank Kevin Bacon for the existence … More Cop Car: Movie Review