Jim Jarmusch: Reviews of All His Movies

Here on the blog I try to maintain an average of one post per day. This sums up to 365 posts a year, so you may think that I cannot possibly watch so many movies! And you would be right, but since I follow a schedule which alternates between a movie review and a Star Trek (or The-X-Files) … More Jim Jarmusch: Reviews of All His Movies


Dead Man: Movie Review

Fifteen years after his first film, Permanent Vacation, in 1995 Jarmusch wrote and shot his first western (and sixth film in total) at the height of his artistic maturity. He was an excellent screenwriter, with a very recognizable directorial style, and he was (deservedly) lucky to be able to work with incredible actors thanks to his career … More Dead Man: Movie Review

The Dead Don’t Die: recensione del film

Dire che l’aspettavo da tempo sarebbe minimizzare: avevo aspettative altissime per questo The Dead Don’t Die (I morti non muoiono) di Jim Jarmusch appena uscito al cinema. Sì, è vero, queste aspettative si erano un po’ ridimensionate al leggere tutte quelle recensioni poco lusinghiere pubblicate nella blogosfera in queste settimane, ma comunque, mi dicevo, è … More The Dead Don’t Die: recensione del film