Mutiny: Movie Review

A young American captain, hero of the War of Independence. Another captain in love with a young beautiful woman and forced to put pride aside and act as the first officer. A greedy and manipulative femme fatale. A secret mission, ten million dollars in solid gold and a crew loyal to the first officer. Many small … More Mutiny: Movie Review

Mission: Impossible

Da amante dei film action non posso certo non apprezzare la saga di Mission: Impossible, che ha visto il suo debutto cinematografico nell’ormai lontano 1996. Ma dove nasce Mission: Impossible? Mission: Impossible è una serie televisiva statunitense composta da sette stagioni che si sono susseguite a cavallo tra il 1966 e il 1973. Chiaramente di … More Mission: Impossible

Legend: Movie Review

Legend is a 1985 movie directed by Ridley Scott who previously made The Duelists (1977), Alien (1979), and Blade Runner (1982), what a way to start his career! The protagonists are the young Tom Cruise and Mia Sara, and the antagonist is the great Tim Curry who’s the perfect Lord of Darkness! The music was composed by … More Legend: Movie Review