Empire of the Sun: Movie Review

Here’s my review of Empire of the Sun, the 1987 movie directed by Steven Spielberg. The script is by the great Tom Stoppard, but the story comes from a semi-autobiographical novel by James G. Ballard. I haven’t read it, but, curiously, I’ve read his sequel The Kindness of Women which in its final part deals … More Empire of the Sun: Movie Review


Overlord: Movie Review

Overlord is a 2018 film directed by Julius Avery starring Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell (son of the great Kurt Russell), and Mathilde Ollivier. Produced by J.J. Abrams, it has been somewhat successful despite being a genre film not exactly made to attract the masses. It was also presented at the Sitges festival where I saw … More Overlord: Movie Review

Star Trek: TOS – S01E29, Operation: Annihilate!

Operation: Annihilate! is an extremely dense episode. James T. Kirk finds his brother Sam and his sister-in-law Aurelan (Joan Swift) only to lose them soon after. He saves his nephew Peter (Craig Hundley) for whom he worries for half the episode and then forgets all about him: either he’s still in the infirmary or he’s … More Star Trek: TOS – S01E29, Operation: Annihilate!

Lucky: Movie Review

Lucky (2017) is the last movie made by the legendary Harry Dean Stanton, who was Brett in Alien (1978) and is credited as an actor in about 200 movies and TV series (he died in September 2017, two weeks before the release of the movie). This guy here: Lucky is also the directorial debut of John Carroll Lynch, who’s normally in front … More Lucky: Movie Review

Dunkirk: Movie Review

Dunkirk came out in 2017 is Christopher Nolan’s last movie. It is difficult to write about Nolan, who has now become an untouchable maestro with lots of fans ready to defend every work he has done, even the least worthy. Many of the film channels that I follow on Youtube, for example, even praise Nolan’s worst … More Dunkirk: Movie Review