Star Trek: TOS – S02E01, Amok Time

Let’s start with the second season! After a splendid first season full of fantastic stories, with this first episode written by Theodore Sturgeon (also author of an episode of the first season, Shore Leave), it’s like Gene Roddenberry declared to have no intention of decelerating. Star Trek was to continue to offer first-rate science fiction without trying to … More Star Trek: TOS – S02E01, Amok Time


Star Trek: TOS – S01E27, The Alternative Factor

The Alternative Factor, let’s face it, isn’t a very good episode. It’s too complicated, with a very intricate and dense plot, with a special effect repeated several times which is confusing more than anything else, and again security aboard the Enterprise looks ridiculous only for the sake of advancing the plot (through the theft of … More Star Trek: TOS – S01E27, The Alternative Factor

The Mule: Movie Review

The Mule is the latest cinematographic effort of Clint Eastwood, who’s now almost 90 years old. Not only has it produced and directed the movie, but he’s also its protagonist. Clint (almost) always deserves respect, so I went to the cinema with the best intentions, even though I had read some not-so-enthusiastic reviews. And what about … More The Mule: Movie Review