Arrival: Movie Review

Arrival is a science fiction movie released in 2016 and directed by Denis Villeneuve (the same director of Blade Runner 2049, among other things), starring Amy Adams (Nocturnal Animals), Jeremy Renner (various Marvel films) and Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland). Villeneuve is currently considered among the most promising directors, if not already among the … More Arrival: Movie Review

Star Trek: TOS – S02E06, La macchina del giudizio universale

La macchina del giudizio universale (The Doomsday Machine in inglese) è una puntata non soltanto intelligente, ma anche molto riuscita a livello di intrattenimento. E ci sono anche degli effetti speciali notevoli! Insomma, in due parole dimostra che quando Star Trek vuole dimostrare tutto il suo potenziale lo può fare davvero alla grande, anche se … More Star Trek: TOS – S02E06, La macchina del giudizio universale

Mandy: Movie Review

Mandy is a 2018 film by Panos Cosmatos (he has cinema in his DNA: his father George P. Cosmatos directed, among other things, The Cassandra Crossing in 1976 and Tombstone in 1993) starring Nicolas Cage and Andrea Riseborough. I wanted to see this movie since I went to the Sitges Festival two years ago (to … More Mandy: Movie Review